The 5 Underwear Rules Everyone Should Know

Everyone wears underwear daily, yet we don’t often talk about the key rules that everyone should know. Not many of us know how to properly wash them, or how to find the most comfortable and flattering ones for your body shape. Here are our following top 5 underwear tips that we think everyone should know! 

Photo by Fahad Waseem on Unsplash

Top Tips:

1. You should replace your underwear every year – I know many of us are guilty of hoarding underwear for years on end, and it can be a task that we often forget about to clear out our underwear draws! But experts have revealed that we should all be throwing away underwear every 9-12 months – as no matter how many times they are washed some bacteria always remains on them.

2. Change your underwear every day – This is hopefully an obvious one for all of us, but it is important to change your underwear every day for hygiene reasons and to give your skin chance to breath. Try to sleep without underwear on, as this can create an environment that may lead to infections and bacterial growth. We also recommend putting on a new pair every time you go in the shower or bath, to stay clean and fresh! 

3. Wash by hand and with cold water- Where possible, try to wash your underwear with cold water and by hand as much as possible, to prevent damage to the fabric and prolong its lifespan. This is especially important for delicate materials, such as mesh and lace – as these can easily be damaged by a washing machine.  Also, it is recommended to skip the tumble dryer when washing for the same reasons. 

4. Wear the right bra size- In a recent study conducted by European lingerie specialists Hunkemöller, they discovered that the vast majority of women are not wearing the correct bra size – a staggering 80% of us according to this study! Not only is this bad for your health as it can reduce circulation and block your lymphatic system, it can also look unflattering and be terribly uncomfortable. Try and go for a bra fitting once a year to ensure you are wearing the right size!

Photo by Nati Melnychuk on Unsplash

5. Cotton is your best friend - when it comes to undergarments, make sure that you are opting for cotton material, instead of synthetics such as Nylon or Lycra. There are a variety of benefits from wearing cotton underwear, from reducing common infections such as thrush to limiting odour, cotton is breathable and soft making them a very comfortable option. Just because you are wearing cotton doesn’t mean they have to be boring – you can still find some great cotton thongs or Brazilian style pants that are super flattering and are so much better for you, compared to other non hypoallergic materials.