Eco Friendly Bucket Set - From the Sea to the Beach

I may have mentioned once or twice that I am a proud Grandma now as well as mum to 7 and so when I heard about this fab eco-friendly bucket and spade (and more) set made from recycled materials mainly from old ocean fishing kit I knew it was a perfect beach (or bath) toy set for a child growing up in this day and age. (AD, GIFTED)

madmumof7 Grandson with bucket and spade set from Dantoy

His parents are not too keen on brightly coloured plastic tat anyway so the beautiful muted colours of the set which contains sturdy bucket, sieve, spade, rake, boat and cute little crab packaged in a lovely storage net met with their approval. So far the baby has not expressed his opinion verbally but when I presented it to him he loved it immediately so I'm calling it a win for Grandma. 

madmumof7 Grandson with bucket and spade set from Dantoy

The bucket set from Dantoy's maritime universe, Blue Marine, consists of several elements that provide ample opportunity for sensory play and exploration out in nature with sand and water. 

eco-friendly bucket and spade set

The bucket set from Blue Marine is, like all other toys from the series, made of recycled plastic that comes from maritime equipment such as nets and ropes. These residues are turned into toys rather than ending up littering the oceans. The Blue Marine series invites you to play with sand and water in nature - in the nature that we must take good care of and cherish. 

The series is created with inspiration from the maritime world and the collection and shipping of used equipment to sorting, transformation, recycling, and production.

The bucket set is Danish-made toys from Dantoy made from recycled residual material from maritime use. The set consists of 6 parts in fine Blue Marine colours that may vary slightly due to the production process. 


  • Sustainable toys produced from recycled fishing equipment
  • Produced in Denmark
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Dishwasher safe

The Dantoy Blue Marine Bucket Set costs £22 from