Who Wants a Flying Santa Drone? (You Know You Do)

The most wonderful time of the year just got a little more magical with this new easy-to-operate Thumbs Up Flying Santa Drone.  Straight from Lapland to your home this drone comes with its very own cutesy reindeers and of course Santa. 

drone with Santa and reindeer

The flying drone will sprinkle festive cheer and provide endless fun. A truly unique invention to become the world first flying Santa drone with reindeers. Naughty or nice you can fly Santa and his reindeer past children's windows on Christmas Eve to their wonder and delight. Fly around the room at the office to make people check twice.

You are totally gonna win at Secret Santa with this fully rechargeable drone. I confess, I do find Santa's blank face slightly disturbing but I actually think that will make this all the more entertaining. If I was whizzing round the room at those speeds I'd be pale and featureless too.

The drone has four-propellers for swift and rapid manoeuvrability, providing hours of entertainment for parents and kids this Christmas. Believe in Christmas and pop the Flying Santa Drone on the list and you’ll be guaranteed to raise a few festive cheers.


  • Depth: 9 CM
  • Height: 24 CM
  • Width: 19 CM
  • Flying Santa
  • Transmitter
  • Reindeer accessories X4
  • Spare rotors
  • Charging cable
  • Full instructions included.

The Thumbs Up Remote-Control Flying Santa Drone costs £40 from Studio.