Get Ready for a Festive Glow-Up (AD)

 I'm sure I am not alone in peering into the mirror on these cold dark mornings and wondering what on earth has happened to my face. Never mind the wrinkles, my skin looks dull, there are hairs sprouting where hair should not and let's not mention my teeth. I mean, they are enough to make a dentist shudder anyway (I had an accident when I was young which has left my teeth gappy and crooked) but add staining from coffee, tea and food and any self respecting reality star would cross the road to avoid me.

Luckily I have now accumulated a bag of glow-up essentials (GIFTED) which should leave me looking less grinch-like for Christmas.

Let's start with those teeth with a very simple solution. I've been using Glo32 teeth whitening toothpaste (£10 from Boots) which is formulated with Coconut Oil for a healthy way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. 

Glo32 whitening toothpaste

The toothpaste whitens teeth by gently reducing surface stains and discolouration, and freshens breath to leave you Glo-ing in no time! There's no coconut taste for anyone like me who is not keen- just a pleasant mild flavour.

It's cruelty free and non-abrasive  and used twice a day you should see results pretty quickly. You only need a very small amount as the product foams up really nicely so it's very economical.

Alternatively you could check out this simple method for teeth whitening.

Right. What to do about my pallid winter skin. In the olden days I used to use old school sunbeds. I'd bake for an hour (can you imagine!) in my lunch hour. I've also had a spray tan once and was a big fan of those moisturisers which give you a tan - eventually.

Sometimes you just want a quick fix and for those last minute invites you cant beat St. Moriz - the UK's most loved tanning brand with a bottle sold every 20 seconds in the UK! The wide range of fake tans for both the face and the body will make sure you are left with a healthy-looking glow this grey winter season. 

St Moriz tanning products with tanning mitts and poinsettia plants on table.

Tanning is a great time to check for any changes or abnormalities cold winter air can cause your skin and for lumps and bumps which might require a doctor's attention. 
For a glow head to toe St. Moriz has you covered with the Advanced Tanning Mousse (£9.99, Superdrug), and Advanced Face Mist (£7.99, Boots). Don't forget to exfoliate/shave 24 hours before application, moisturise regularly (although not just before you apply) and use an application mitt for best results.

I've never used this type of product and I'll admit I was a bit nervous but it was so easy! I was particularly pleased with the tiny mitt you can use to apply product to your face. There's a guide colour so you don't miss patches and then you can leave for 1, 2 or 3 hours before washing the guide colour off with water (not soap) to reveal your new glow.

If you fancy trying one of the latest TikTok hacks the tanning mousse is perfect for a bit of cheeky conturing on your body or face. No need for make-up. Apply the mousse to the areas you usually contour and rock a make up free natural yet defined and glowy face. You can even contour your cleavage which can apparently make them look two sizes bigger! Yep - you can get a boob job for Christmas without the surgery.

Now onto unwanted hair. To be honest although I have a little moustache and more hair in odd places than I used to, luckily I am fair so no-one seems to notice it. I know some of my dark haired friends prefer to bleach the hair they'd prefer to be less noticeable and if you are one of these people you could do worse than entrust this process to Jolen creme bleach

Jolen creme bleach boxes in front of miniature christmas tree on table.

Jolene cream bleach is a cream and powder which when mixed together lightens dark excess facial and body hair in just 10 minutes. Even the smallest, most sensitive areas of the face and body can be treated. Hair is lightened to a less noticeable shade, blending with natural skin tones. You can buy this creme bleach in Superdrug (£4.35).

So there we have it - my recommendations for a Festive glow-up. For even better results remember to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet with some fruit and veggies in between the mince pies and pigs in blankets and get some early nights in in between the partying.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the products mentioned above for the purpose of writing this honest review.