New Year, New Healthier Me.

I'm not one for New Year resolutions generally. Is it even a thing any more? And normally I scoff at those taking out gym memberships in January but as the years roll by even I have to admit that a doughnut based couch located lifestyle is not conducive to a long healthy life.

Assorted iced doughnuts on wooden board:Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

This *may* have been prompted by a swift, scary deterioration in my blood glucose stats which have bumbled on at acceptable levels for almost 20 years. My docs are slightly baffled by this sudden change but whatever has caused it, it's time for me to really sort it out as I don't really want to lose a foot - I have so many lovely shoes! Plus I really want to be a fun Grandma who has the energy to play with Baby B.

So it's time to really love salad, cut down on carbs and admit that some bad habits had crept into my diet because I've got away with it for so long.

No more bubble tea.

This is actually devastating as apart from the fact that I really like bubble tea, it's a thing I do with my children. We shop, we chat, we get bubble tea. But sugarless bubble tea is grim in my opinion. Sad face.

So I downloaded a carbs and cals app, upgraded the NHS blood glucose (BG) monitor for one which sends my BG stats straight to an app on my phone (I do love a bit of tech) and bought electronic scales to measure my food until I get the hang of portion sizes.

I've reminded myself to drink more water which is actually harder since my BG figures dropped and the diabetes is back under control so I am not so thirsty. I use a ZeroWater 5-stage filter which gets all the nasties out of my drink, makes it taste nicer and keeps my posh coffee maker and kettle scale free. 

ZeroWater filter and travel cup

I take my youngest skating every week. Her sibling normally assists (pictured) but last week I braved the ice and managed to skate a fair few circuits of the rink without falling over. Unlike the teens on the rink I daren't try and hold my phone and skate so no ice rink selfies just yet!

Madmumof7's children skating

I'm not going to be ready for Dancing on Ice any time soon but there's an 80-year-old bloke who spins and glides like a pro there and he told me he didn't start skating until he was my age.  Interestingly my exercise was definitely reflected in the BG stats later that day - it was actually too low!

I live in a beautiful area of England and I used to love cycling but various ailments including Fibromyalgia make tackling the hills which feature on every exit from my village have precluded biking as a good form of gentle exercise. I love cycling when I'm in Cyprus -nice flat roads to the nearest big supermarket but maybe I'll have to forgo the doughnuts ut based reward I normally enjoy after my ride.

Now I've acquired an electric bike which allows me to pedal but assists me up hills and prevents me from overdoing things. I'll admit the weather has prevented me from properly trialling this (Fibro does not respond well to cold or wet weather) but I'm hoping to burn calories, lower my BG and my insulin requirement and save petrol this year with my bike which charges using energy from my solar panels.

So now homemade popcorn and meaty treats are my new crisps and chocolate and I've learned to love lettuce. Hopefully along with the meds a fitter, healthier version of me will be around to enjoy life with my family for a while yet. 

madmumof7 and grandson