Updating my Decor with New Lighting

You know sometimes you just stop really seeing your stuff. Often it's an imminent visit from friends or family or a bout of redecorating which prompts you to really look and see how thinks might be tatty, worn, dusty or just a bit dated. 

We actually painted our hallway some time ago but I left the existing light fitting as I couldn't decide what I wanted to replace it with. It was a kind of cream coloured shabby chic style chandelier with dangling crystals and apart from the fact that spiders seemed to adore building webs round it I was just bored with it.

Upstairs we've fitted a large vintage style bulb pendant which although very stylish (IMHOP) doesn't actually give out a lot of light. That's fine on the landing as you just need enough light to move from room to room but downstairs in the hallway we needed something that threw out a little more light without being stadium bright.

I found the perfect pendant at Elesi - the Goslett Clear Blown Glass Fish Bowl Pendant Light which looks almost hand-blown and a little quirky and vintage (much like me!), especially when teamed with a vintage style bulb. We chose an E27 Vintage Edison ST64 LED Light Bulb with a glowing spiral filament which I think really makes the fitting a feature of the space. 

Elisi Goslett clear fish bowl pendant light

This tinted bulb gives off a warm, almost orangey glow which is bright enough to be able to welcome guests into the house and to be able things in the bureau and drawers. I think the pendant looks just as nice when turned off.

Elisi Goslett clear fish bowl pendant light

I have to say I was blown away by the speed of delivery by Elesi, a British based company who assure customers that unlike some online lighting sellers, their products are well sourced, tested and certified.

Bear in mind if you are replacing fittings with a bulb and shade (where you just swap out the shade) for a pendant like this you should contact an electrician to fit it - it's generally a quick job so shouldn't cost the art and worth it for your safety and peace of mind. I'm lucky - my Godson and my brother in law are both qualified electricians.

I'm delighted with the new pendant and am now looking up in all of my rooms deciding which of my light fittings are next for a glow up (excuse the pub!).

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Goslett Clear Blown Fish Bowl Pendant light and the E27 Edison light bulb for the purpose of writing this honest review. Views and opinions remain my own.