Create a Cool & Stylish Bedroom for Steamy Summer Nights

Even in my home country, the UK, summers are becoming increasingly hot with temperatures around the 38 degrees mark no longer unusual. Since British houses are not really designed for a Mediterranean style summer our bedrooms tend to be aesthetically and practically designed for cold nights.

So how can you glow up your bedroom to bring it from winter hygge to summer cool - both in style and temperature? I have some top tips and design inspiration to help you do just that.

Let's start with the bed - after all it is generally the most important fixture in the room.  Although I love deep, dark jewel colours, a bed in cool calm neutrals will give you a blank canvas to dress according to the season. Think faux fur throws, luxurious cushions and rich patterned bedclothes in the winter swapping to crisp white hotel-style sheets and cool silk pillows for when the temperatures rise.

Bed styles which will suit this vibe might be a crisp white painted wood frame or a light wood lending itself to a Scandi style which works throughout the year. I'm also a fan of grey wood or fabric beds- grey is an incredibly versatile base colour which goes well with simple white walls or statement wallpaper if that's your thing.

I love this Ottoman bed frame which has clean elegant lines and a super useful hidden space underneath where you can store your winter/summer bedding according to the season.

Bedstar small double bed with grey upholstery in grey themed bedroom

I like that this particular bed reveals the storage by lifting from the side rather than the end -depending on your room layout this might make stowing and retrieving stuff easier.

Bedstar small double ottoman bed with grey upholstery in grey themed bedroom with base lifted to reveal storage

We've touched on decor colours - white is so in at the moment and you can pick up good quality white paint very cheaply. Keep a small spare tin in case touch-ups are necessary as not all whites are created equal. Some have a more creamy tinge which will give the room a warmer feel while one with blue or grey hues will make the room feel cooler - this will work especially well if you have a light south facing room.

Accessorise with items which delight you without making the room look cluttered. Try adding green leafy plants which will not only look crisp and cool but can actually help with air quality - try an easy to keep Peace Lily which helpfully wilts slightly when it needs watering and is the most effective natural air purifying plant you can have. It's pretty too especially when it's in flower. Remove dead flowers to allow it to flower again and again.

Peace Lily in white pot in someone's hands:Photo by feey on Unsplash

Now, flooring. Hard flooring can help you feel cooler in hot weather. Think about when you go on holiday. You almost never see carpet in warmer climes. Add simple cotton rugs for comfort in the summer and thicker deeper pile rugs in winter to make the room feel warm and cosy.

So you are in your cool themed bedroom but the mercury has shot up and you are feeling sticky. Keep and eye on the weather forecast and if it's due to stay warm at night shut the curtains again before the sun starts to shine into that room. Lined curtains are best to keep warmth out and cool in - they work the opposite way round in the winter.

Silk pillows  - not as expensive as you'd think - keep your face cool (and line free!) and if you have mid to long hair will stop that sweaty tangle at the nape of your neck and cut down on flyaways and split ends.

I use gel mats (mine were sold as pet cooling pads) and slip them under a cotton sheet at night. You don't need to pre-cool them and if they warm up with your body heat, flip them and enjoy the cool sensation again. You could also fill hot water bottles with cold water, place ice packs in your bed while you get ready for bed or use a water spray or damp flannel to cool yourself down.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you do, your bedroom remains too hot to sleep. My teen has this issue as his room has a small window and he works on his computer in there turning the space into an oven.

He often abandons his bed and heads downstairs which is always cooler (heat rises) so we have bought a nice sofa bed which is great for hot nights, visitors and was great when my husband had a knee injury and couldn't get upstairs.

As well as traditional sofa beds you can also buy day beds which come in a variety of styles from metal framed to upholstered.

I particularly love this Zodiac day bed in silver with sprung slatted base and a pull out trundle bed which looks quick and easy to transform from a stylish piece of furniture into the perfect summer sleeping spot. It would be great for kid's sleepovers and house guests too.

Zodiac day bed with trundle, silver, made up with bedding.

Finally don't forget- if you don't want to sleep nude wear only natural breathable fabrics like cotton or silk. Shower or plunge your wrists into cool water for a couple of minutes before heading to bed for a quick cool down. Consider a ceiling or standing fan or even a portable air con unit (they are much more energy efficient nowadays) and add a smart or timer plug so you don't have to get out of bed to turn them off.

And there we have it - my tips for how to create a cool and stylish bedroom for steamy summer nights.