Elegant & Beautiful Solar Garden Lights from Lights4fun

We love entertaining especially in our garden which backs onto open fields and almost all year round you'll find us out there with friends, food, our fire pit and usually a glass of something warming or cooling, depending on the weather! Recently I was invited by the lovely people at Lights4fun to browse their extensive range of decorative lighting and to choose my faves for my home or garden-I chose garden lights which they kindly gifted to me.

Lights4fun warm white vintage style solar lights

One of my adult children treated me last year to a cute set with two chairs, cushions and a little table and we created a little seating area complete with an outdoor rug in a spot which gets morning sun. It's perfect for an al fresco breakfast and is a nice shady spot to sit in the afternoon. My cat also likes this spot and we often have to gently remove her from her favourite chair so we can sit.

On the Lights4fun website I spotted the gorgeous weatherproof  Malvern Outdoor Lantern Bundle which I knew would really enhance my little patio. The glass and charcoal powder coated metal lanterns contain fixed perspex pillar candles which use batteries to emit a soft realistic glow.

  • Dimensions: Large (H) 65 x (W) 23,  Small (H) 30 x (W) 16cm
  • Candle size: Large 22cms, Small 11cms
  • Small Lantern: 3 x AAA Batteries  (not included)
  • Large Lantern: 3x C Batteries  (not included)
  • 6 Hour Timer
I am particularly pleased with the timer function. Basically you turn them on as it is getting dark and they stay on for 6 hours. They turn themselves off then turn back on again 18 hours later unless you choose to manually turn them off - great for saving battery if you won't be home to enjoy them.

They look lovely during the day - I think they are really elegant.

Lights4fun Malvern Lantern Duo

And at night.

Lights4fun Malvern Lantern Bundle

You'll notice Charlotte the cat rather likes them too. They give off quite a bit of light but with a lovely candle light quality which isn't too harsh.

We have mains powered vintage style light bulb festoons along the outside of our conservatory and our outbuildings but hadn't got round to bringing mains power to the wooden gazebo my clever husband built to add lights. 

We often sit right at the end of the garden or under the gazebo to watch the sunset over the fields and now after installing Lights4fun warm white vintage style solar lights we will have light so we can continue to enjoy that end of the garden when the sun finally dips below the horizon. 

Each set is 4.75 metres long with 20 plastic bulbs attached to black cable. There are 8 functions to choose from including flashing, chasing and fade. We prefer them to be constantly on. They give off a good amount of light from the warm white filaments, better than many solar lights I've previously bought.

They were easy to install and there's a good length of wire from the end of the light string to the solar panel so you can position it in the best place to catch sunlight.

Lights4fun say after sunny summer days you can expect up to 8 hours of light from the bulbs. they recommend taking them in in winter to extend their life. Good advise - I always end up buying new after being too lazy to take my solar lights in at the end of summer.

They are a great match for the wired ones we have - if you want to mix and match solar and wired like us, Lights4fun do plug in warm white vintage festoon lights too. There are also connectable festoon lights in a similar vintage style for longer stretches. Browse "festoon lights" on the Lights4fun website to see the range available.

I love the new solar lights so much I've actually ordered another set (which I paid for) to decorate more of the gazebo.  I'm having a party to celebrate Eurovision 2023 being held in the UK and my birthday. The theme is Eurofabulous and I am looking forward to everyone's costumes being illuminated by my new lights.

Check out Lights4fun now as there are lots of discounted products on the website currently.  Spend £50 for free delivery. I didn't spend that much but I paid just £3.99 for standard delivery which will get the second set of lights here in plenty of time for my party.

Top Tip:New visitors to the site who sign up for email updates can get 15% off at the moment. Every little helps....

Disclaimer: I was gifted solar festoon lights and the lantern duo for the purpose of this honest review.