To Shimmer or not to Shimmer? Choose a Sand-busting BeachPowder® to Suit You.(AD)

One of the most useful things I learned as a mother was the quickest way to remove even damp sand from skin after a day on the beach was to use a powder like baby powder or talc. Nowadays there's a more sophisticated option - BeachPowder® which comes with or without a glamorous shimmering finish.

sandy feet on sand

Safe for adults children and babies (even in the nappy area) BeachPowder® is an ultra fine, talc free powder which you simply sprinkle onto sandy skin and brush away with your hands. It's a life saver especially if you have whiny toddlers or neurodivergent family members who hate the sensation of sand on skin, especially around the toes and feet.


It speeds up the whole process of leaving the beach without the need for a water supply or towels. Sprinkle, swipe and away you go.

So the OG BeachPowder is amazing but for an extra special finish you can choose the new BeachPowder® Shimmer.  Perfect after a day on a tropical strip or the sands of the UK's coastline the Shimer BeachPowder will take you from beach to beach bar and beyond. With a gentle exfoliating action, subtle vanilla scent and light reflecting pigments you can rock a shimmery sparkle. To be honest, even if you haven't been near a beach you can still enjoy the ocean vibe with this long lasting powder.


Now for those who like to live ethically and sustainably some good news. BeachPowder®, prioritizes both the health of your skin and the well-being of the planet. Their shimmering powder is all-natural and dermatologist-tested, ensuring that it is gentle and suitable for all skin types. The product is cruelty-free and made from all-natural plants and mineral powders making it a responsible choice for conscious consumers. BeachPowder® Shimmer is also packaged in a recyclable and eco-friendly container.

Produced in the UK, all natural and vegan friendly, whatever your age, this product with or without shimmer is a must-have for any day at the beach.

BeachPowder® Shimmer costs £12.99 from

Disclaimer: I received samples of both BeachPowder and BeachPowder Shimmer free as a thank you for sharing information about the product.