Sing your Heart Out with the Lucky Voice Karaoke Microphone

 Remember those dark days of the pandemic where in many places, public  singing was banned for fear of spreading COVID-19? As if life wasn't depressing enough! Singing has been scientifically proved to have a range of positive health benefits ranging from stress relief to improved lung function.

lucky voice karaoke mic being held against lattice background with pink flowers

In fact the benefits of singing are many and varied. Apparently singing, especially in groups, can improve your pain threshold through the release of endorphins. It has long been known to enhance memory in some people with dementia and interestingly can apparently improve snoring. 

Singing is good for grief - studies show that choir members reported less depression wafter a loss and more stable wellbeing.

I used to be in a choir as a child/teen but lost my confidence a little and have yet to join a choir as an adult. But I love singing and seem to have passed the joy of singing to my children - car karaoke is definitely a thing in our house.

On visits to my cousin when the children were little he often got out the Just Sing mikes connected to his games console. There may have been some Just Dancing too. 

Recently we bought a second hand karaoke machine in a charity shop for a party and have had lots of fun singing along to the admittedly dated songs on the CD's that were in the box. It's fun but younger folk struggle to find something they know on the playlist to sing along to.

If you are looking for something you can throw in a rucksack or handbag with an extensive (literally thousands!) online list of hits including some karaoke classics and bang up to date chart hits you should definitely check out the bluetooth Lucky Voice Karaoke Mic.

Lucky voice karaoke machine in box on blue and white garden rug

Available in a selection of colours and super easy functions like echo, record and 4 "voices" the lucky voice karaoke microphone can be used online and/or with the Lucky Voice app. You can create one account and sing along on PC, Mac, laptop, tablet -Apple stuff or Android. Perfect for house parties and BBQ's - maybe invite the neighbours to join in.

Screenshot of Lucky Voice app icon on iphone screen with bluebell wood background

Queue up songs so the fun doesn't stop or just pick and click songs according to your mood and the vibe. You get a free trial along with the mic, USB charging cable and instructions in the box. After the trial, access to over 10,000 songs costs less monthly than two fancy drinks at your fave High Street coffee chain.

screenshot of lucky voice karaoke app song list

Lucky Voice also do a larger Karaoke machine with multiple mikes and for the ultimate Karaoke experience, they also have four bars in London, one in Brighton and one in Dubai. Perfect to show off the skills you practiced at home!

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Lucky Voice Karaoke Mic free for the purpose of writing this honest review.