The best games to bring out at Christmas

Christmas represents a fun few days to enjoy. While the festivities can take it out of busy parents, with the likes of food and presents creating a bit of headache, it’s all worth it in the end. Playing games is another way many people switch off from the stresses of Christmas and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in the best way possible. 

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Thankfully, for families in need of some recommendations in this area, there are plenty of tried and tested games that are capable of keeping any friends and family members entertained. Likewise, if you’re after a game you can enjoy in the evenings by yourself, then there are also some viable options in this area. Let’s take a look at some of them below. 


Guess the number of candies is simple but fun 


Sometimes the more simple games are the best. Guessing the number of candies in a jar is something for everyone and it can create a discussion point during your turkey dinner. An icebreaker many families turn to, filling a jar with your favorite sweet treats and having everyone at your festive party guess the amount of delights in there is a fun thing to do. The eventual winner then gets to devour them all later in the evening. 


Sled races serve up plenty of comical value 


Of course, you’ll require some snow for this next option, but if it manages to snow wherever you are in the world, then sled races are well worth organizing. The perfect antidote to a heavy Christmas meal, participants can line up at the top of a hill and race their way to the bottom. An activity that offers plenty of entertainment for all, sled races are a blast.



McLuck’s Christmas games are worth exploring 


An option that can be explored via an internet browser, sometimes the best games are played alone. If you’re sick of board games and tired of charades, then playing some festive video games might appeal instead. McLucks Christmas games are worth exploring in this area, with these top titles being accessible with ease and serving up bundles of fun. Designed to capture the festive feeling of the holiday season, Bigger Bass Blizzard: Christmas Catch and its fishing theme is a delight, while Starlight Christmas offers a fairytale-esque encounter that is worth sampling. The options don’t end there either, with Christmas Carol Megaways and Santa also standing out. 


Heads Up will never let you down 


With players having to guess who is written on their heads without receiving any detailed clues, Heads Up is a game that will never let you down. By writing an obscure actor or a controversial figure on sticky notes and then sticking them on your guests’ heads, everyone has to guess who their character is in a game that is guaranteed to provide laughs. 


Tackle a quiz in teams 


Sometimes a simple quiz is the best option, particularly if you’re with a lot of people. Dividing your guests into teams, some pre-prepared questions and a designated host can provide plenty of entertainment. You can have music trivia rounds, people can guess objects hidden in boxes, there can be a creative round where teams have to make something Christmas-themed in a minute, and loads more. An option that might take a bit of time to put together but you certainly won’t regret it, arranging a quiz is a fantastic thing to do. 

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Other options include Christmas bingo, a gingerbread house competition, karaoke, holiday Pictionary, Christmas dance freeze, Guess Who, Scrabble, a Christmas wrapping race, Christmas I Spy, and a snowball fight.