4 Unquestionable Benefits of Living in a Planned Community

Planned communities aren’t just cookie-cutter housing developments. Residents of these communities gain access to a range of amenities including parks, hiking trails, pools, fitness centers, golf courses, and more—all without going far from home. Planned communities vary in size, with most covering a few hundred acres and consisting of multiple neighborhoods. Here, we’ll outline the advantages of living in a planned community.

Photo by Josephine Baran on Unsplash

More Curb Appeal

One of the biggest benefits of master planned communities is their focus on appearances. While planned communities typically include neighborhoods with homes built by multiple builders, they’re usually managed by homeowners’ associations (HOAs), which uphold standards for visual appearance and exterior maintenance.

In planned communities, you won’t find abandoned cars, tall grass, and homes painted unsightly colors, but you will find a range of home styles, types, and floor plans. These high standards carry over into communal spaces, including neighborhood entrances. When living in a planned community with an HOA, you’ll see spaces that are treated with respect and care.

A Sense of Belonging to Something Bigger

Master planned communities aren’t just collections of homes; they’re places where people can come together for neighborhood events. As a member of the community, you’ll find plenty of chances to form close relationships with neighbors and build a sense of belonging. Planned communities provide plentiful access to meeting areas and green spaces, which allow people to gather in a friendly, welcoming, and safe atmosphere.

Access to Features and Amenities

From golf courses and clubhouses to pools and fitness centers, master planned communities give residents a long list of amenities within walking distance of home. As a buyer in a planned community, you’ll need to learn about these amenities when evaluating potential new homes.

For instance, if the kids like going to the pool, you’ll want a home in a community with pool access. If you’re the type to hit the links every weekend, find a home in a golf community. Consider your preferences and you’re sure to find a community that meets them.

Efficiency and Convenience

Whether you’ve forgotten an ingredient for tonight’s dinner or want a hot cup of coffee, a planned community may offer features like grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. Are you tired of traffic on the evening commute? Master planned communities typically consider traffic flow during construction, developing streets and thoroughfares that make commuting easier. By including efficiency and convenience from the ground up, communities offer residents an easier, more effortless day-to-day life.

Bonus Benefit: Security and Safety

Residents of master planned communities can rest easy knowing community watches, 24-hour patrols, gated entrances, and other security measures protect them. These features add another layer of reassurance to an already busy lifestyle.

Master planned communities, in some cases, include police and fire stations. With these additions, residents will spend less time worrying and more time living.

Live an Elevated Lifestyle in a Master Planned Community

The planned communities of today aren’t bland, boring neighborhoods with no sense of individuality. While there are standards and rules, they’re in place to preserve property values and protect buyers’ investments.

Overall, planned communities make residents’ lives as easy and effortless as possible. To find out more about these communities and how to become part of one, contact us for information.