5 Expert Tips for a Sparkling Car in Winter

person with pink hair washing car

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

A sparkling car in winter is not as hard as you think. Although it's not pleasant to wash your vehicle in cold weather, it is important because of the things that can impact your car, such as dead leaves. So, from professional services to using your garage, here are some expert tips.

Take Care of the Wheels

The wheels of a car can be something many car owners are most proud of. Some enthusiasts spend a small fortune finding the right wheels that look stunning on their pride and joy. But the wheels are also one of the first things people notice and can make your car look bad if they are unkempt. Keeping them clean is vital for looks, and diamond cut wheel repair also enhances the safety of the wheels too. Wheel maintenance is especially crucial in winter to avoid an incident.

Visit the Car Wash More Often

This is pretty obvious, but getting to the car wash more often will help your car stay in better condition. A general car wash may not get into the smaller crevices, but it will wash away most of the dirt and grime from the body and windows. It will also keep your lights clean and clear, which is vital for road safety in the winter. Once a week should be enough to keep your car in mostly pristine condition. But a valet now and then will also get into the hard-to-reach places.

A Sparkling Car in Winter at Home

Getting to the car wash more often, of course, means more money. If you can afford this, then it can be a major help since washing your car manually in freezing temperatures isn't a pleasant experience. However, this will save a bundle if money is tight. You can also get into the smaller areas and the interior when you DIY a wash, like a 2-in-1 for less. Be mindful, though, that you shouldn't wash your car if the temperature is less than 4°C or the water will freeze.

Store It in Your Garage if You Have One

If you have a garage, then by all means, please use it. Most people use their garage for storage or even as a games room or extra living space. But these are not what it is meant for. Leaves and other debris are common in autumn and winter, and they can be a nightmare to clean. The garage is an excellent thing to have when the winter hits, as it will protect your car. You will also have fewer temperature-related issues as your car will be a little warmer from being inside.

Pay Attention to the Smaller Parts

There are many smaller parts that make up the whole of your car, and these can be easily overlooked. A general carwash and even a DIY job may wash the larger body, but some of the smaller parts need attention, too. For instance, clean the window wipers (especially vital for winter), the catchment areas of the doors, which can get frozen or blocked full of debris. And ensure you get all of the car’s lights and check that they are working while you are there.


Cleaning or repairing the wheels can help you get a sparkling car in winter and keep you safe. Car washes will help but can be expensive, so a DIY job can save money. While you are there, it will also help to get into the smaller parts to clean, such as the window wipers and lights.