Ditch the Razor and Go Laser for Hair Removal.

I am very lucky in that being blonde (before the grey!) I didn't have too much of an issue with body hair. When I was younger I used a razor and suffered the dreaded razor burn if I wasn't careful. Nowadays I'm not even sure I'm flexible enough to shave my legs but the hair has mostly disappeared anyway.

woman in bath shaving leg:Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

I went for that grim stinky cream for holiday prep and am very glad I wasn't born in an era when waxing "down there" was de rigour.  Don't even talk to me about home epilators *shudders*.

Nowadays those wishing to ditch the fuzz pretty much anywhere can opt for laser hair removal which sounds like a much more sophisticated way of revealing the skin beneath the fur coat. Maybe you've shied away because let's face it, the word laser can evoke images of Star Wars and evil villains.

Never fear, I'm here to tell you all about it.

Will it burn?

Firstly, your skin will not be burned. A very hot laser targets your hair follicles, removing hair and slowing down (or even preventing) regrowth but you won't feel heat. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how pain-free laser hair removal is. 

Does it hurt?

Some say laser removal is completely painless, while others report a sensation like a rubber band snapping or some mild discomfort, even when the process is targeting your most intimate areas. It's certainly less painful than waxing.

Some providers who use the most up to date equipment with "crystal freeze technology" promise the process is painless and usually permanent. If you are looking for Laser Hair Removal in Milton Keynes you can benefit from this sophisticated technology.

Girls only?

Laser hair removal is not just for girls! If a gorilla back or hairy shoulders make you miserable boys, take yourself along to a salon that can laser your troubles away. Pretty much anywhere can be lasered from top lip to full body - cyclists and drag queens sorted!

How much does it cost?

Worried about the cost? If you are repeatedly having to remove hair with razors, creams or wax, you might find laser treatment works out quite economical, even if you need a series of treatments for a permanent or near-permanent result. Some salons offer a payment package to help you spread the cost. 

Is laser hair removal suitable for everyone?

Laser hair removal works best on people with pale skin and dark hair. It may not be suitable for those with blonde, grey or white hair. Dont panic if you've heard laser hair removal cannot be done on tanned or dark skin tones, be reassured that those using the very best in modern technology should be able to adjust the laser to treat your skin.  A good salon should arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and help you decide if it's the treatment for you.

girl with glitter on face holding razor:Photo by Victoria Aleksandrova on Unsplash

Check qualifications and insurance.

This is very important.  You need to be sure the provider is using a proper laser and they have been trained correctly in its use. Look for industry training qualifications and membership of relevant associations on websites then go and actually check with the organisation to make sure they are actually listed. Also check your salon is insured by a specialist organisation like BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) for peace of mind. Scrupulous salons and operators will be proud of their qualifications, awards and memberships and will direct you to websites where you can check them.