Gin, Glorious Gin

Gin is my drink of choice and I have very much enjoyed the surge in brands and blends since the ancient Gin Act of 1751 was repealed- the act originally aimed to outlaw bootleggers operating small distilleries but in modern days restricted who could make gin and where it could be produced.

gin in glass on black background:Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

This Act was repealed in 2008 and slowly but surely gin fans like me saw the availability of gins soar from one or two in pubs and bars up to 50+ with some licenced premises choosing to specialise in gin.

If you are a gin lover like me you have probably rejoiced in the plethora of new gins. If I am travelling I love to explore the offerings of distilleries local to our location. Blends of botanicals and flavours can transform the basic drink into a bouquet for the tongue and nowadays there are a huge number of delicately flavoured tonics to complement any gin you discover.

I am a fan of the flavoured gins, especially rhubarb gins. I've tried rose, raspberry, orange and lemon gins which make a lovely refreshing drink. Classic London gin is perfect for a classic G&T  - I love it served with a sprig of rosemary in the glass.

Obviously gin is a popular ingredient in cocktails. Famously James Bond enjoyed a gin (and vodka) based Vesper martini which was actually invented for the fictional 007 character, apparently named after another agent but it has now made its way onto mixologists repertoire. Shaken not stirred of course. Click here for the recipe.

With such a variety of ways to drink this versatile spirit nowadays I've managed to convert a few people who claimed to dislike it. Unfortunately a few of my adult children have discovered gin through my passion and as a result my gin shelf at home is often raided. I cant complain too much though as they often  treat me to gin, sometimes in novelty bottles (including light up festive bottles) and sometimes as part of Gin Gift Sets.

Alongside my gin collection I've also accumulated a variety of gin glasses. I love the giant balloon shaped stemmed glasses but my new favourite style is the stemless gin glasses - a friend bought me a set of dusky pink stemless gin glasses for my 50th birthday. I've also got a mishmash of branded glasses and even plastic gin glasses I bought for the inflatable hot tub we used to have, and camping use.

stemless gin glasses:Photo by Gaby Yerden on Unsplash

The days of sitting in my hot tub with a cool G&T might be over but I still cant wait for those long summer days when I can sit in the sunshine, glass in one hand, book in the other. That's my idea of bliss.