How To Parent Through Depression


Being a parent is hard enough without having to deal with depression on top. The first thing you should know is that having depression doesn’t make you a bad parent. It may mean you have to be more mindful of looking after yourself.

Developing coping mechanisms and tools to help you address symptoms of depression will help you to deal with the pressures of parenting. If you’re going through depression and finding parenting difficult, these tips could help.

Talk About It

Many parents avoid talking about symptoms of depression because they feel they may be judged. The fear of being judged as a bad parent is enough to convince anyone to hide their true feelings. However, depression is common in parents, with up to 20% of parents reporting symptoms of depression.

It will help to talk about what you’re experiencing with a doctor to get the right support. It can also help to tell your child’s school about what you’re going through so your child gets the right support too.

Balanced Diet

What you eat and drink will have a huge impact on your mental health. Research suggests that eating fatty and greasy foods is no good for brain health and could worsen poor mental health symptoms. Although you shouldn’t deprive yourself of treats, making sure you have a balanced diet is important.

If you’re feeling particularly depressed or anxious, using CBD with your meals could help. It comes in many different forms for your convenience and can help you to tackle severe symptoms.


When you’re feeling depressed, it can be tough to muster the motivation to do exercise. Ironically, exercise is one of the best ways to alleviate symptoms of depression. It promotes good blood and oxygen flow to the brain which allows you to naturally problem solve.

Additionally, exercise releases endorphins which work to maintain your health. Endorphins are known as happy hormones which means exercise will boost your mood. If you’re feeling low when going through a bout of depression, a simple walk outdoors can completely change your perspective.

Find Your People

It can help to talk to other parents who are going through the same thing. It’s good to know that you’re not the only one feeling low at times. When it comes to parenting, finding other parents to talk to can make all the difference. 

Meet up for a coffee while your kids are in school and make connections where you can. If nothing else, it will show you that you aren’t alone on this journey.

Talk To Your Child

Children of all ages are intuitive and many children will mirror the behavior of their parents. If your child is old enough to understand, it can help to explain depression and the symptoms it comes with. Reassure your child that there’s nothing to worry about and think of things you can do together to make it easier on both of you.

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