Deddie Bear Plushies-review

I first spotted Deddy Bear Plushies wandering round a very cool collectibles store with a couple of my children who enjoy anime and gaming. My fourth child (aged 23) is an avid collector of soft collectibles including Squishmallows and Jellycat. After spotting them they've now added a new collectible plushie range to their list - Deddy Bears.

Deddy Bear Spekter partially concealed inside Deddy Bag body bag

These 30cm plushies come in Deddy Bags - basically body bags- and as the name suggests are kinda not presenting as alive. In fact they come with a quirky autopsy report and are perfect for those who never want the Halloween fun to end. 

Autopsy label on Deddy Bear bag containing Spekter

There are 8 characters to collect - we were gifted Spekter who apparently died in 1861. Like the other characters he is super squishy and soft, cute and cool and very appealing to my neurodivergent child. They particularly loved the Deddy Bag and after examining him thoroughly zipped Spekter back into his body bag and headed back up into their lair bedroom.

Deddy Bear Spekter next to Deddy Bag body bag

Deddy Bears would make a great unusual gift for anyone aged 6+. Check out the range at Smyths where they are currently discounted to £12.99 from the RRP of £19.99. They also have the smaller coffin dwelling Deddy Bears for those who covet a full collection of fun, frightful cuddlies.

Disclaimer: I received a Deddy Bear free for the purpose of this honest review.