Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn - review

What a shock. This half term is yet another period of unpredictable changeable weather and although it would be great to take the children off to do outdoors stuff you would have to pack everything from raincoats to sunscreen. I popped into town today and it was heaving with families. One face-painted child sobbing summed up the general mood.

Experienced parents know it's worth having some surprises to pull out while at home during the school holidays from foodie treats to new toys to avoid having to fork out for potentially expensive days out in overcrowded "family friendly" destinations quite so often.

Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn

For example The Airbrush Plush Unicorn is a perfect toy to turn young frowns upside down, especially when yet another torrential rainstorm hits (really - how much more rain can we have?) and you are trapped at home.

It's an adorable soft toy, providing the perfect blank canvas for kids to design on and make it their own. They can use the battery-operated airbrush to decorate and style your plushie with the washable chalk-based coloured markers. Spray directly onto the fur or choose from over 100 stencils to create wonderful patterns and designs. Spray, wash and repeat. The possibilities are endless!

Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn

As if this isn't enough The Airbrush Magic Unicorn has a great new feature with the wings and the area around the eyes glowing in the dark-great for bedtime snuggles if you have a child who is still a bit scared of the dark.  It also comes with its own LED flashlight to make the glow last even longer. 

 Creative children can use the 100+ stick-on stencils provided to customise and decorate their little friend, then when they're ready for a change, simply wash with water and start all over again! 

Airbrush Plus Magic Unicorn

We particularly love the fact that the magical unicorn can be redecorated over and over again making it more economical than many one-off craft activities

The suggested age for the plush is 6+  although mneurospicy child who is well into their 20's was captivated by the cute plush and begged to be allowed to decorate it. To be honest I fancy having a go as well! Hurrah once more for the wash and re-spray option!

The Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn requires two AA batteries (not supplied)and two CR1220 "coin" batteries (supplied).

The Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn is available from Smyths. You can choose to buy inshore, click and collect or arrange home delivery. Then settle down with a relaxing cuppa while they have fun decorating their new fluffy friend.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn (selling in Smyths currently for £21.99) free for the purpose of this honest review.