Why It’s Important To Keep Celebrating Your Kids’ Birthdays As They Get Older

When children are little, there’s no question about it - you’ll want to do something amazing for their birthday, and very often, you’ll arrange a big party with all their friends and family and make it an event to remember. 

As time goes on and they get older, however, those parties can lose their charm, and the children themselves - or teens and older by this point - might even say they won’t want to celebrate. They’ll go out with their friends or a partner and you might not even see much of them at all on their big day. That seems a shame, but more than that, it’s not a great habit to get into - the fact is that it’s important to keep celebrating your kids’ birthdays as they get older, and here are some of the reasons why. 

Photo by cottonbro studio

Affirm Their Importance And Worth

As children move into their teenage years, they can have a real problem with their own self-worth (perhaps you remember those feelings yourself; they’re natural, but very unpleasant even so). They might lose confidence in their looks or abilities, and that can mean they feel bad about themselves even when there’s absolutely no reason to. 

If you keep celebrating their birthday in some way, which could include a fun party with birthday invitations sent out to their closest friends and family, for example, you’ll be able to affirm their importance and worth, giving them more positive feelings and proving that they’re loved and cherished massively. That could be the boost they need to feel better about themselves, which is always a good thing. 

Strengthen Family Bonds

Birthday celebrations are so much more than just a party and some present; they’re the perfect chance for families to bond, and that becomes even more important as your child gets older and starts to drift away from you (which again is natural, but the blow can be softened with more bonding opportunities). 

When you really take the time to organise a fantastic birthday for your child and celebrate properly, you’ll be able to spend time with them without any stress or worries and where you can all just enjoy one another’s company and whatever it is you happen to be doing. If the family can come together to focus on just one family member, that’s going to strengthen your bonds and make some great memories. 

Create Lasting Memories

We’ve mentioned making memories above, and now we can go into a little more detail about that because it’s so important. Basically, the memories you make during those special birthdays and the celebrations that go with them are the kind of memories that last forever - in a few years (and a large number of years, come to that), you’ll be able to look back and smile (and so will your kids). 

These birthdays can even become the treasured stories your children tell their children and their grandchildren, and as they get older, it’s the kind of thing that can remind them how loved they were (and are) and how amazing their childhoods were too.