Sunday, 30 April 2017

Surviving 25 years of marriage - what I've learned.

My bed is currently hidden under a pile of clothes. This actually isn't particularly unusual but at least this time it's because I'm trying to be organised, not just because I'm too lazy/tired/busy to put the laundry away.

Levels of excitement are high because in just a few short days I am jetting off for a child free holiday with my husband to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary on May 9th. Yes, that's right. Despite multiple attempts at dying to get away from me we have managed 25 years of marriage which I believe entitles us to some guilt-free alone time.

wedding 1992

Well, I say alone time. We are actually going to stay in my mum's spare room. Luckily, her spare room is in her lovely villa in a gorgeous little village near Paphos in Cyprus so we are looking forward to a week of sun, Keo beers and brandy sours and some of the biggest pork chops you'll ever see.

Just a week ago I was in The Sun wearing my wedding dress and that, combined with my approaching anniversary has made me think about our marriage which I have to say has so far (touch wood) been largely happy and successful.

I'm not saying we don't have our off moments - I would worry about any relationship, platonic or otherwise, which didn't have those. But mostly I am proud to say my husband is still my best friend and I don't regret saying "I Do" even though some thought we married in haste.

When I was a cub reporter I was sent out to speak to couples celebrating milestone anniversaries to ask them what they believed was the secret to a happy marriage.

Bluebells in an English forest

bluebells in Ashridge