Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Everything you need to know about baby colic & anti-colic bottles

Infantile colic, more popularly known as baby colic, affects up to 40% of all babies. Although baby colic is generally considered benign, it can create a very tense atmosphere at home for both the affected babies and parents. 

baby colic

Thankfully, for most babies, anti-colic bottles provide a great and quick solution to the problem.

What is baby colic?

Baby colic is medically defined as a condition which causes infants to cry inconsolably for more than three hours daily, at least three days a week, over a continuous period of more than three weeks. 

The condition typically peaks around six weeks after birth, and in most cases, gradually resolves itself when the baby is aged between three and six months old. Some babies continue to demonstrate symptoms of colic until the age of one. However, the numbers are relatively small.

Babies with colic usually cry because of feelings of discomfort in the stomach and intestine area, as well as, in rare cases, slight constipation-related pain, which may get exacerbated if they pass a lot of gas. Aside from crying, babies typically react to the discomfort by arching their back, pulling up both legs, or clenching their fists in an attempt to mimic the comfort of the womb.

What is the cause of baby colic?

The exact causes of baby colic remain a mystery to the medical community. However, researchers believe that it is caused by one or a combination of the following factors:

Monday, 15 January 2018

Why I Hate Football (despite my mate Simon's best efforts)

This post is dedicated to my footie-mad pal Simon who pulled me up when I said on Facebook "you name it, I'll write about it." He named football. I bloody hate football and he knows it.

children playing football

We met studying journalism back when football fans had a terrible reputation for violence and thuggery. None of my family at that point were followers of the so-called beautiful game and Simon was the first person I'd met who had genuine passion for the sport without any of the desire to maim the other side's supporters.

As I headed towards the newsroom and a life of court reporting, feature writing and general news writing he took his place on a sports desk.

While the rest of our cohort moved one by one away from the dying trade of print journalism he remained true to the industry for decades. He even wrote a book with the slightly unwieldy title "Gus Honeybun...Your Boys Took One Hell of a Beating: A Love Affair in the Lower Leagues." I am reliably informed you can still buy it on Amazon and from the dusty shelves of mediocre book stores on the south coast.

I digress.

He failed to pass his passion for teams of blokes kicking around a pigs bladder on to me and to this day I have no idea what the offside rule entails.

When I met my darling husband he told me he wasn't bothered about football. That was a big plus in his favour. After our whirlwind courtship and when I had the gold band firmly on my finger it turned out he supported Arsenal. Passionately. Honestly. The lies men will tell to get past first base!