Thursday, 25 May 2017

Fresh & Fruity: Candy Crush Lip Balms #review

I was shocked this morning to realise that four years have passed since I wrote about my obsession with the online digital sweetie matching game, Candy Crush. I'm still playing....

In fact I still have a variety of versions of the game by King on my 'phone so that I can switch between them when my five lives run out. Very handy for those times when I am sitting outside youth club/pottery/musical theatre rehearsals waiting for whichever child is requiring the service of mum's taxi.

Candy Crush lip balms from Primark #review

During a recent four hour flight to Cyprus I lost myself in the colourful world of Candy Crush eating honey and jelly and releasing trapped teddy bears. Yep, I'm aware that sounds a bit mad but don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

Imagine my excitement then when I discovered you can now taste the flavours of your favourite game in lip balm form!

The arrival of packages at my house are always greeted with curiosity by nosy children but opening a small package containing four Candy Crush-inspired sweet and fruity moisturising lip balms generated a startling level of enthusiasm with children wanting to try them.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Eating out in and around Paphos, Cyprus

I've just returned from a week on the beautiful island of Cyprus celebrating my silver wedding anniversary with my husband, and as always food and eating out has been a big focus of our break.

Cypriot salad and dips

In the years I have been travelling to the island of love I have seen many changes and at the moment with Paphos being the City of Culture for 2017 work is going on everywhere transforming dilapidated buildings and areas.

The work being done is not always for the better in my eyes as I love the character of the place and although pedestrianised areas and modern malls with global brands are convenient I prefer the narrow roads and battered dusty store-fronts offering only an opaque hint of what's inside but I can see that the country, striving to hold its place in the modern world, understandably wants to modernise.

You can still find some hidden gems however - we ate simply in the Klimataria in Paphos Old Town in a shady courtyard accessed through a nondescript door with no hint of the paradise behind.

Cyprus courtyard

The modernisation does mean that holidaymakers have a bigger and better choice than every before with venues for eating out ranging from massive well-known brands like Pizza Express, McDonalds and KFC down to tiny ancient tavernas where basic mediterranean meals are cooked over coals and served with fresh side dishes using ingredients from the garden.