Sunday, 21 September 2014

Spinnaker Tower at Night. The Black and White Photography Project

spinnaker tower Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays

It had been a long day. DH and I left London after the #madblogawards at about 11am and headed back to Hertfordshire to pick up a fully loaded car to take DS#2 to Southampton University where he starts Year 1 this week.

We travelled via Portsmouth where our eldest lives - he was coming with us to Southampton to help move his brother into his new flat then drove on to Southampton and stopped in the city centre for a quick cuppa and a meet up with an old mate from my uni days who I haven't seen for 13 years.

Next. Halls. Key pickup, box moving, flat inspection and saying goodbye to our 19 year old son. Quick tweet "I will not cry".

And I didn't  - luckily my eldest and his GF knowing what a soppy old bat I am had kindly offered to divert my potential mummy breakdown with food (they know me so well) and whisked us off to a fab seafront Chinese buffet at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. 

I love the sea and the sight and smell of it calmed my soul, even from the bright and noisy Quays development - it was just what I needed. Twinkly lights from shops, bars, restaurants and ferries reflected off the dark water and above it all the Spinnaker Tower was glowing (yellow while we were there!)

Heading home DH and I reminisced about our early days of parenthood - we miss our older boys so much but are so proud of them- funny, independent, clever, friendly - we must have done something right.

Two down, five to go......

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg This post is linked to the #bwphotoproject over at PODcast.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

MAdmumof7 at the #MADS and sad in Southampton

Prepare to celebrate - you will almost certainly be getting a bit of a break from my ramblings for a couple of days while I attend the MAD blog awards in Kensington and ship my son off to Uni in Southampton. Oh and it's my friend's party too!

As I type this I feel like I'm sitting in the calm before the storm. My outfit for the #MADS including a lovely dress from  Boden (knot dress in Beach Blue, vintage abstract) hangs ready for the awards do and I am as prepared as I ever will be for the secret project I am taking part in.

I have everything crossed that I don't catch the nasty sick bug which is doing the rounds of the school, or the horrid cold which my son has been suffering from all week - he seems to have got freshers flu before he even gets to uni!

That would be just my luck - posh dinner, loads of wine, the lovely Raddisson Blu Edwardian Sussex hotel (Marble Arch) booked where my husband will be joining me after the awards - I just know I'm going to be hurling and sneezing and coughing and barfing. It's inevitable.

I have been practically coating myself in antibac hand gel so (sticky) fingers crossed....

There will be no relaxing in our hotel on Saturday - after breakfast we will be hurtling back to the shires to pick up our fresher and his boxes and head for the coast.

Luckily his Uni is just down the road from where my eldest son lives in Portsmouth so we are going to meet up with him, he's going to help us to move DS#2 in then DS#1 and FDIL have kindly invited us back to their house for dinner to cheer me up as they know I will be so sad to see another of my children leave home.

Then we will drive home and hopefully catch the end of my friend's birthday/housewarming party - she promises to keep the party going til we get there!

I'm expecting to be exhausted by Sunday but may be back for #silentsunday, #mysundayphoto and #b&wphotoproject but it all depends how bad my anticipated Fibromyalgia flare up gets.

So have a good weekend, good luck to all those attending the #MADS, more good luck to anyone moving their child to uni this weekend and I'll see you on the other side.....