Distracted by Shiny Things

Madmumof7 enjoying Baileys Frappe.
Cyprus 2011.
OK so the day is nearly here. The day I have been counting down to on my calendar. The day when I can leave my everyday routine behind and spend some time with my mum and our dh's in Cyprus.
Did I mention I was going to Cyprus? Did I mention it would be warm and sunny? How much do you hate me right now? 
Anyway. Obviously most sane people would be using these last few days to sort out, pack, tidy and prepare.
But as regular readers know I am not entirely sane so what I have been actually doing is anything but the boring chores I ought to have done.
Take this morning. I should have been cleaning bathrooms, tidying my bedroom for the house-sitters and possibly even unloading and reloading the dishwasher from yesterday.
English: Map of Cyprus showing districts
Map of Cyprus showing districts
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But I woke to blue skies and sunshine. So instead I rounded up my faithful friends who are also always up for a bit of time-wasting and headed to my local town for coffee and pastries. And a mooch round the charity shops which I always love.
I can hear you thinking, "Well she still has time to tidy." Let me tell you something. Untidy does not begin to describe my upstairs. Downstairs is OK. Tidy enough for people to forgive the odd pile of paperwork or washing. I've got 7 kids you know.
Upstairs? Upstairs is more "crazy enough to qualify for one of those hoarders programmes" untidy.
I find time and energy enough to bleach the bathroom regularly so we don't all die but I have no idea how people keep their homes show-home neat.
Maybe it's because I have piles of clothes for the next child to grow into. Plus the clothes I own sized between 6-20.  Yo-yo dieter? Me? 
Plus there are all the toys and gadgets and cuddly toys and miscellaneous precious things that 7 kids accumulate (including empty "pretty" boxes, junk mail flyers, and a million craft projects dating back donkeys years - mostly in DD#2's room - she really is a hoarder!) 
English: Photo of the living room of a compuls...
My house is not quite this bad
English: Photo of the living room of a compulsive hoarder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Luckily I am related to most of my house-sitters- my eldest son is moving back in temporarily. My main worry is his lovely GF who may also come and stay for a few days.
I am already very fond of her- she seems to like me at the moment too but I'm a bit worried that when she realises she has to scale Mount T-shirt to get into bed and that I have an unexpected and large collection of empty carrier bags ( well you never know when you might need one for swimming kits etc) she might go off me a bit.
But I figure that she might as well get used to us, warts and all. So I'm sorry K but there are far more interesting things to do before I go and frankly I'd probably need more than a couple of days to do it properly so my advice is- try not to break your neck on Maisy's roller skates which appear in unexpected places and watch out for the Lego - it really hurts when you treat on it in the night in bare feet!
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