I seem to be cursed....

No, really. I really am starting to think I am cursed. Don't  get me wrong - I'm not gonna start gnashing my teeth and tearing out my hair and am in fact quite resigned to the fact that sh*t happens. It just seems to happen to me more than most.

Some people seem to glide through life accumulating luck. Someone I know of was born into a wealthy family, inherited lots of money and manages to start one successful business after another. Everything she touches turns to gold. She has a lovely house, lovely car, lovely healthy children and she doesn't have to bleach her hair for it to be golden and flowing.

I hate her. ("only joking" she says through gritted teeth)

I met another woman once who practically makes her living winning competitions. She's won holidays, a car, theatre tickets, clothes, money.... I used to see her once a week and every week she had won something else! I did win a lovely pampering prize last year which allowed me to get nails, hair and other beauty treatments and I was astounded! Although I do seem to do quite well at church tombolas.....

My Pug. Which currently sounds like a Ferrari.
But back to the doom and gloom. This weekend the sun was shining. I had more money in my bank account than usual thanks to some commercial blogging work. I was driving in my pride and joy - my little Peugeot 206cc-to spend the evening with some lovely family members and scrummy food was promised. All was right with the world.
I stupidly made the classic mistake of outlining my reasons to be happy to DH. Fate or whatever was obviously listening and thought; "Well we can't have her getting too happy. Let's stick a spanner in the works."
Or more precisely, a nasty patch of rust on the exhaust, because within minutes of me opening my big stupid gob, the exhaust made a rude raspberry noise and promptly dropped off. Well, partly dropped off leaving the tail end dragging on the road.
Cue huge sigh of resignation as I reached for my phone to find the nearest garage.

Long story short it's going to cost my blogging money and then some to replace the offending pieces of exhaust and until parts can be procured I am driving round with my little pug sounding a lot like a big ole Ferrari.

This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened to us.
A few years ago we were given the
chance to stay for free in a lovely house big enough for our large family, not too far from the coast. We packed buckets and spades and brioche (Y'know - the essentials) and headed off.
First night - we decided to treat the kids to fish and chips. We told the children to get PJ's on for a late night feast (8pm!) before bed. I popped over the road to pick up supper - ten minutes later returned to find a wailing child- DS#4. DH told me he slipped on the bottom step of the shallow stairs - a fall of maybe 3 inches? I looked at his leg. I prodded it. I winced as the wailing increased. Five hours later after exploring the delights of the local A&E department we returned with a small boy in a cast with the cutest zimmer frame you have ever seen.

But Fate hadn't finished with us on that holiday. Our car engine seemed to be getting quite hot quite quickly and we seemed to be using a lot of water. Long story short- two days holiday lost to lurking around the local garage. A big bill and a rescue mission to bring us home from the south coast mounted by our kind Vicar and her DH who had to bring two cars to ferry us all home!

In the grand scheme of things I feel blessed. I know I am lucky in so many, many ways. It's just it would be nice not too have quite so many dramas (most of which seem to cost me money) to keep me awake at night. Are you listening Fate?

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