Mother's Day 2014 is imminent and I'm determined to be spoiled!

You might think that with 7 children my Mothers Day's are filled with gifts and cards, sweet gestures of love and appreciation and lots of pampering. Yes, you might think that, but it's not exactly always the case.
Madmumof7 with DH and 4 of the 7!
To be fair there have been golden moments over the years- like when one (teenage) child insisted on taking me out for lunch to his favourite cafe and proudly informed me I could choose whatever I liked off the menu. It was a fabulous couple of hours alone with him as we chatted over our meals which I will never forget.

And another child has a knack for choosing fab presents - maybe because he knows he can't go wrong picking up just about anything in the Cath Kidston shop! And cuddles and kisses are always the perfect gift from my little ones, even when they are a bit sticky!

But believe me I have endured many "treats" like the breakfast in bed where I was scrutinised closely whilst forcing down dry burnt toast with stewed sugarless tea. And the time I was given Weetabix with about a teaspoon of milk on it to eat in bed. Luckily the child who made it had also poured me about a pint of orange juice so I soaked the dry biscuits in the orange juice to enable me to choke it down.

And I'm always a bit embarrassed in church on Mothering Sunday (to give it its traditional name) when children in the congregation are given the chance to collect a small bunch of 2 or 3 daffs to take back to their pew for their mum. By the time my lot have helped themselves I end up with a large bouquet of flowers while everyone else has their tiny posies.

It sounds like I don't appreciate their efforts - I do, but it is nice when my husband has some input and I really do feel pampered and appreciated. And if you are reading this and already feeling panicky about how to treat your mum to something more than garage flowers in odd colours or fighting for the last bunch of half-decent blooms in the supermarket, don't worry - I might just have an easy solution for you.

Spring Trug
I discovered this week that, already well known for their card delivery service which allows you to choose, personalise and "post" cards all from your laptop or tablet or even phone do an amazing range of gifts.

Their bouquets are spectacular and they have a huge range of styles in a wide price range from £25 upwards. I was particularly taken with their £30 planted Spring Trug which even comes with a free card!  I could imagine planting herbs in the trug when the flowers it comes with die off and keeping it for years making it a great long lasting present.

The hampers offer surprised me too. My favourite was the Breakfast Gift Box (£40 including free card) which would guarantee no dodgy Mother's Day breakfast disasters.

The gift box is packed with a luxury "Scrumshus" granola mix, a 200 ml bottle of champers, 50 Twinings teabags, 250g ground coffee, 250ml orange juice, Ouse Valley 4-berrys jam,  Ouse Valley St Clements Marmalade with Whiskey, milk bottle vase with flower, novelty toast stamp and a cute little dustpan and brush for clearing up toast crumbs out of the bed! I was very impressed as I felt it was just a bit different from the usual hamper collections you see online.
breakfast in bed gift box by moon pic by afra willmore (copyright)
breakfast in bed gift box

There are lots of other quirky and more traditional gifts online from three tiered cakes to customisable T-shirts and you can apparently order it all now and book the date in advance so it's all delivered in time for Mother's Day. Or if you suddenly realise last minute that you've forgotten to sort anything out, last dates for Mothers Day delivery are:

Flowers under £30 - last order 2pm Friday 28th March for Saturday 29th March delivery
Flowers over £30 last order 4pm Saturday 29th March for Sunday March 30 (Mother's Day) delivery.

Yes the bouquets might be a bit more expensive than your supermarket bunches but they really are lovely  - I was lucky enough to see- and smell- them all made up and they are a bit special. And all flowers and many gifts come with a free card which you can customise to make totally unique. It's win win really - save petrol and avoid the crush at the card counter and the parade of increasingly desperate folk scouring the shops who end up buying anything with the word "mum" painted on it. pic copyright afra willmoreSo that's your mum sorted - but if you are a mum like me you can't order your own gift can you. Well,  not without appearing sad or bitter anyway. Don't worry ladies - I have a plan! Just browse the site (or download the app for Android or iPhone) find what you fancy and leave your electronic device conveniently bookmarked at the gift/bouquet of your choice!  Hoping for a luxury breakfast in bed myself.........

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but as always views and opinions remain honest and my own.