Check me out! Stylish designer frames from Specsavers

Years of peering at screens have meant that inevitably I now need to wear glasses otherwise my close-up world is a bit of a blur. But I'm quite vain and even though mostly my glasses are worn in the privacy of my own home I still want them to be stylish.

I am hopeless at deciding what suits me, and my husband takes the safe option of refusing to make a decision for me so all I have normally to rely on is the blisteringly honest opinion of my children. This is less than helpful since most of them are not exactly style icons - my youngest for instance favours a knitted tank top and Adventure Time pyjama bottoms as his leisure-time outfit of choice at the moment.
boyin pikachu costume
Would you take style advice from this boy?

Bearing this in mind you will not be surprised to learn I was particularly glad earlier this year to be offered the chance to meet with a team of style experts representing the impressive range of designer brands you can choose in Specsavers.

I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store with hundreds of exciting frames to try on which reminded me of the times as a teen I spent time with friends trying on hats and sunglasses before the frowning shop assistants drove us away.

This time however I was not driven away but actually encouraged to try as many frames as I liked whilst being advised on the best styles to suit me.

I loved the ranges from Converse, Swedish brand Cheap Monday and an old fave, Red Or Dead. They had styles which were quirky, sparkly, bang on trend or just flattering to me but in the end I voted a pair from Roxy my personal favourite.

They were a a fashionable size and shape, a tortoiseshell colour (which goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe) with a cute opaque blue highlight in the corners of the frames which seem to make my blue eyes look even more blue.

Specsavers designer frames

They were also a complete one-piece moulded shape - a style I find particularly comfortable. A declared them the winner and armed with a voucher from Specsavers I waited eagerly for them to land in my local store. (at the time of the press show they weren't yet available in store.)

I was in and out of my local shop so often I began to worry the young chap behind the counter thought I was stalking him. Eventually I spotted "my" frames in a larger store a few miles away but decided to ask staff in the shop in Tring (which is the nearest one to my home) if they could source them for me as I have always had such great service from them.

Sure enough a couple of days later the frames were delivered to my local store, my face was measure using their clever iPad gadget and just a week after that I got a call to come and pick up my new glasses.

What can I say. I love them!

Bizzarely they make me feel as glamorous and young as the beautiful surf chicks and snow bunnies who are the epitome of the Roxy brand.

They are comfortable and the addition of anti-glare lenses mean I can continue to stare at my laptop and blog to my hearts content whilst occasionally smiling at the cool specs-wearing chick I can see in the screen reflection.

I know I mentioned that scary word "designer" which normally means a scary price tag but Specsavers have designer brands starting at £99 for two pairs! My frames cost £155 including lenses and anti-glare coating which I found is a must if like me you spend hours staring at screens on tablets, phones and laptops.

Specsavers often have offers and many people are entitled to free eye tests so why not pop in and see if you can sort yourself out some stylish eyewear - I learned that staff in the stores will be happy to help you find which frames suit and fit you so in the future I can leave my cowardly husband and critical children at home!

madmumof7 wearing Roxy frames from Specsavers

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher for £150 for the purpose of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.