Saltrock clothing review - and a great discount code for you! #saltrocksoul

Saltrock is one of those uber-cool brands which you can wear to surf, sail, ski or climb - or if you just want to look like you might if only you could tear yourself away from the doughnuts and the latest CSI boxset.

I am very much in the latter category and love the Saltrock range because my experience has been that it is well-made, good quality and competitively priced, especially if you catch one of their amazing sales.

The brand was launched back in the 80's when two brothers (Angus and Ross) were travelling the globe looking for waves. They arrived in London and asked the guy at the train station ticket office to sell them tickets to: "the nearest place there's surf."

They boarded a train heading for Cornwall and never looked back. Running low on funds they decided to start printing T-shirts using a cobbled together system which involved tape and an old rug then sold them out of the back of a beat-up Austin Allegro.

The name Saltrock is in tribute to their favourite surf break back home in South Africa.

They moved to South Devon and are still there today working with members of their original team producing clothing for adults and children for snow, surf, sea- well anything outdoorsy really, while making the clothing and accessories stylish enough for streetwear for anyone, regardless of whether they have ever even seen the sea.

I have a favourite T-shirt - the Corporate T-shirt in a neutral ecru marl which goes with everything and is long enough to avoid any mummy-tummy exposure even when reaching for the secret biscuit stash in the highest kitchen cupboard.

And since I love anything with stripes I adore all of their nautical-y range including my Winter Sail Henley long-sleeved Tee  (pictured below) which teams so well with denim. Casual without being scruffy, it was perfect for a recent girl's weekend away.

My 15-year-old daughter loves Saltrock too because she wants to be comfy and for her clothes to stand up to her active life. She loves indoor rock climbing, penny-boarding and generally scrambling over rocks and up trees. She's very outdoorsy and permanently in hoodies like many children of her age.

She loves Saltrock hoodies- her favourite is the flow-logo hoodie from the women's range (pictured below) which we ordered in a size 8 for her as she is skinny but tall with long arms and legs. It was a perfect fit and was kitten soft. She only takes it off long enough for me to wash it!

And although hoodies and T-shirts are one of their main sellers you can also buy sleepwear, socks, frocks, skateboards, sunglasses, snorkels, mugs and air fresheners and much much more.

The lovely people at Saltrock are keen to let more people discover their amazing brand so have offered me a fabulous discount code which you can use at their online store.

I ordered online and found delivery to be fast, the items were packaged really well and sizes were pretty accurate in my opinion. They promise a hassle free return if there's a problem- I've never tried that service.

If you would like to embrace the Saltrock style or treat your children to some new additions to their wardrobe head to their website and use this code;  MADMUM10 which will give you 10% off sale and non-sale items.

The brand are keen to see where and when you wear Saltrock so feel free to share any pictures on social media using #SALTROCKSOUL or check out the hashtag to see other people sharing their images.

Disclaimer: I was invited to choose a selection of items free from the Saltrock site for the purposes o this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.