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It sounds a bit like I'm being rude doesn't it? But barriers and bollards and other street furniture are a vital link in making sure that our roads, car parks and other premises are safe and secure.
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My son's flat comes with just one parking space. It can be like the Hunger Games on wheels in that car park as if any visitors want to park, or God forbid you own more than one vehicle, nipping into then precious few spare spaces before the other car can be hair raising.

His space is protected by a locking bollard which stands proud protecting the vital space while he is out but recently it was damaged and he found himself researching something he never thought he would - where exactly do you buy bollards?

Of course there are companies which offer these and other useful items of street furniture including Barriers Direct which has a website which is far more fascinating than you would initially imagine, especially if you run a business and are concerned about security for your staff and customers.

A simple barrier on your car park can deter non-customers and give that added level of security to those who park there.

Take scooters and bikes for instance. The days are long gone where you could lean your bike up outside a shop and go inside to buy something safe in the knowledge that your bike would definitely still be there when you step back outside.

And with more and more adults turning to scooters as a quick and easy mode of transport, especially in cities, scooter stands are proving a popular addition to car parks. When you bear in mind a good scooter can cost hundreds of pounds no-one is going to want to leave it lying on the floor to be damaged or stolen.

The increase in people using non-fuelled modes of transport is great for our environment but sadly also great for thieves. And even with kickstands neither bikes or scooters stand upright easily and even a gentle accidental knock will send a line of them tumbling like dominoes.

Our local primary and secondary schools have recently upgraded their facilities for children who bike or scoot to school - we use the one at our village school every day and it takes far less time to slot the scooter in the rack rather than trying to lean it up against a wall - it looks much tidier too.

We have a nifty little extending wire lock fitted on all of our children's bikes and scooters and it takes seconds to lock them to the stand.

I wish we had a stand at home - we have a bike shed but if you want a particular bike you often have to move a few others out of the way. I've grazed my ankle far too many times doing that particular chore.

Hopefully as more and more people become eco-conscious the number of stands available in public places will increase cutting the number of bike and scooter thefts and making life easier for all those who prefer two wheels to four.

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