My New Favourite Tea - a fruit & herbal infusion with Peppermint & Cocoa #ad

I'm partial to a cup of tea. Well of course, I'm English and we are practically weaned from milk to tea.  Boy George once famously stated that he preferred a nice cup of tea to, ahem, intimate relations, and I gotta say I can see his point....

Sometimes you can't beat an English Breakfast tea (with soy milk and sugar for me) first thing in the morning but during the day I quite like a milk-free, often caffeine free choice.

choc mint tea in teacups

My current favourite tea is a new fruit and herbal infusion with  peppermint and cocoa which I picked up in Ikea of all places. The smell as I walked past the display drew me in - it reminded me of my favourite bubbly mint choc bar. It's called EGENTID and costs £2.50 for 124g if you fancy trying it.

Ikea choc mint tea

I spotted a cute glass teapot with a metal insert for loose leaf teas - it was a very affordable price so for once I walked out of the store with something other than candles.

The tea looks a little like garden sweepings but brews quickly and is so tasty. I love it with a spoon of honey from my uncle's Yorkshire bees.

spoonful of loose leaf choc mint tea going into teapot

Our water is really hard and limescale is a really issue but using a water filter definitely helps improve the taste and texture of our water generally. It's especially noticeable when making tea.

I was recently gifted a ZeroWater filter which can filter out 99.6 of dissolved solids and nasties in our tap water. I reviewed it  - you can read that post here.

Zerowater 12 cup water filter

In that previous post you can watch the very cool video of Philip Schofield puts a bottle of red wine through the filter and marvels as it comes out filtered to pure water!

My favourite thing about the ZeroWater filter is that it comes with a nifty little electronic water quality-checking meter gadget which demonstrates how cluttered your tap water is before it's filtered and how pure it is afterwards.

ZeroWater has partnered with National Tea Day, who work all year round to ensure that you can create the perfect brew time and time again. 

National Tea Day logo

If you make two teas side by side and use a ZeroWater Vs unfiltered water you will notice that that is visibly different and tastes much better filtered. 

You can see how clear my choc-mint tea is, apart from a few specks which are tea leaves in the bottom of the pot.
Glass teapot containing tea

The makers of ZeroWater claim its filtering capability is so powerful your kettle will never need cleaning, as ZeroWater removes limescale and it can never build up. 

ZeroWater has a 5-stage filter, which removes totally all dissolved solids, toxins and contaminants meaning you can taste your tea like it was intended. 

Zerowater 12-cup water filter, two mugs containing tea and Yorkshire honey jar

It's the perfect gadget for tea-lovers or for anyone who wants to know there is nothing nasty in the water they drink.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a 12-cup ZeroWater filter worth £39.99 free for the purpose of this review. Smaller jugs are available priced around £24.99.

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