Playbrush Dental Plan - Even more Fun Plus Earn As You Brush

I cannot sing the praises of Playbrush enough. This funky range of toothbrushes have turned the chore they hated into something the children look forward to especially since with the subscription service they can earn money too.

boy with PLaybrush Smart Sonic

 In short, Playbrush teams with an app on iOs or Android platforms which through fun games encourage the user to brush thoroughly, at the right pressure and for the current length of time. There are two brushes, Playbrush Smart and the Playbrush Smart Sonic.  We started with the Playbrush Smart first when my son was younger (gifted) and have now moved onto the Sonic for him and his sister. (gifted)

Playbrush Smart Sonic

(You can read more about Playbrush in detail here)

As an example, one of the first games my son played was one where he had to blast approaching characters from all sides by brushing on the correct side cheered on by the narrator who prompts you to change sides, brush harder or faster or whatever will lead to the best brushing experience and ultra-clean teeth.

After quite a period happy with the free games on the app (currently Fancy Football and Super Stars) I decided to try the subscription which offers an easy way of making sure the toothbrush heads are replaced regularly as they are sent at varying intervals depending on your choice of subscription. It also gives the children lots more games to choose from including two player games to bring out their competitive side

Playbrush games app

The Playbrush dental plans also give you access to detailed brushing statistics so you can see who is brushing, how often and if they cleaned all areas of their mouth. Is this the end of the ancient childhood trick of rubbing toothpaste on your tongue and trying to convince your parents you have brushed really?

Playbrush brushing report

The biggest bonus however is the reward scheme - the children can earn as they brush, a concept which appeals very much particularly to my son.

He has autism and screen time and money are his favourite things so the Playbrush system works really well, especially when you bear in mind that even at school age I was having to clean his teeth for him which was always a battle!

You (or the children) can earn up to £8 each quarter, depending how often they brush, which you can withdraw via Paypal or use towards the cost of the next subscription period.

I really wish Playbrush had been around when my older children were younger. The brush and app have honestly changed our morning and bedtime routine for the better and our visits to the dentist are happy occasions now too.

The only thing I'd want to change about the system is to be able to buy different colours or for there to be a way to differentiate between brushes. My hack was to mark one with a permanent pen dot. It's not a real complaint just a suggestion to improve an already fabulous product.

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