You have reached your destination - 5 tips for travelling with the kids this Christmas

Are you dreading your annual Christmas pilgrimage? Whether you’re heading to visit your parents, the in-laws or friends, for many, travelling with the children in a confined space for several hours doesn’t exactly say Christmas cheer. Just high stress, anxiety and mounting pressure to get there as soon as possible! 
car decorated with Christmas wreath Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash

When you plan your trip, it’s important to remember that along with making sure your vehicle is winter-ready, keeping the kids happy and safe is the most important thing – if you’re looking for the very latest information on travel health insurance then click the link – so, with that in mind I’ve gathered 5 tips for travelling with the kids this Christmas, but you could probably use them all year round too!
Good Luck!
Keep spare clothes at hand
From spilt juice boxes, to enthusiastic sneezing and even illness…having a change of clothes close at hand will certainly make life a little easier whilst you’re on the road. Having spare clothes stuck at the bottom of a suitcase in the trunk of your car underneath everything else you’re bringing along is going to only make things worse! Pack a little bag and fill it with spare clothes for each child and of course, nappies and wipes if needed. 
Snacks rule the road!
It’s true! Any kind of road trip requires an excellent selection of snacks to enjoy, and your children will certainly agree. I truly believe good snacking is important for raising healthy happy kids.
snacks on a map Photo by Sandra Harris on Unsplash

Keeping little pangs of hunger at bay will keep your little ones happy and content between meals. So, having a little selection of healthy but filling snacks such as cereal bars, granola, fruit and veggie sticks, crackers and simple sweet biscuits will keep little tummies happy. 
Enjoy an audio book
There are only so many games of I, spy that everyone can take. So, why not opt for something different in the way of entertainment? Before you travel, have each child choose an audio book which you can then download onto your phone and then play via your cars’ sound system. Then, during the journey, everyone can enjoy a selection of short stories. You’ll be amazed at how quiet everyone goes when the story begins. 
Activity packs
There’s no harm in having plenty of activities to keep your little ones busy whilst you’re stuck in traffic. Activity packs filled with age appropriate puzzles, little toys, pads and pens, colouring pages and activity books will keep them busy for ages! Try to keep the contents as similar as you can, that way there are no arguments over who has got what!
Don’t be afraid to let your children entertain themselves with some child friendly apps and technology to pass the time. Make sure they’re aware that it’s a treat and that you expect them to be sensible and share if necessary. I tend to opt for things like tablets and iPads towards the end of the journey; when you know the end is in sight, then use of tech comes to an end naturally, rather than fighting with them to give it back after an hour.