Make Spring Cleaning Super Easy with a Bin Rental

I absolutely adore those programmes about hoarders with one of my favourite parts the "before and after" comparisons. People featuring on these shows often have really complex stories behind their hoarding but often manage to take the first steps to recovery with the help of non-judgemental psychologists and cleaning experts.

hoarding: Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

I've written previously about how watching those programmes really helped mentally prepare for extreme decluttering, made me take a fresh look at my own (relatively minor) issues with hanging on to stuff and enabled me to really sort through my own home without the distress and anxiety previous intensive tidy-up sessions.

Actually one of the hardest parts of the job was disposing of the clutter. Just going through my drawers getting rid of tatty, dated and ill-fitting clothes filled lots of bin bags. 

We must have loaded our car to the brim with other stuff (which could not be recycled or re-homed) at least six times and had to queue at our local household waste recycling centre. Our local centre has steps and unloading the car and climbing the steps to hurl stuff into the skips/bins was exhausting!

I wish I'd taken a tip from my favourite hoarder's programme- they always organise enormous bins (called skips in the UK) to be delivered to the householder's address which meant the clear-up was much faster and more efficient.

I would definitely recommend looking into bin rental if you are planning your own spring cleaning session or have diy or garden makeovers planned or a construction project coming up.

You don't want to annoy your neighbours by piling stuff up in the garden creating an eyesore. You might have every intention of taking it to the waste centre but finding the time and energy to do that might take longer than you think.

Eyesore: Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash

I love the idea of just being able to hurl all of my junk into a bin and have someone else take it away and deal with it giving me more time to make my home and more beautiful place to live.

Dumpster bins come in a range of sizes so whether you are having a little clear-out of a full home renovation you should be able to find one to fit the project.