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As the seasonal holiday is around the corner, the best parental control app TheWiSpy has announced the grand sale of Thanksgiving. You can avail yourself of a flat 30% off on TheWiSpy parental monitoring software from their website.

Parents find it hard to keep a close eye on their kids with the busy routine on festive holidays. But, worry not, Android parental control app TheWiSpy is an effortless platform for troubled parents. 


During a busy holiday schedule, if you want to look after your kids’ online activities, including social media, apps usage, web browsing, memos reminders, text messages, there is a single solution, i.e. TheWiSpy parental control app.

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What is Thanksgiving?

On the last Thursday of November, this great festival is celebrated every year in the United States. The Blessing and hard-earned harvest of last year are celebrated as a national holiday. The American legend of Thanksgiving is enriched with symbolism and old tales. 

Like Christmas, traffic congestion is observed on Thanksgiving day as everyone goes to their respective towns to meet and celebrate the occasion with their loved ones. Nevertheless, with all the surrounding excitement, don't forget to get the best parental control software TheWiSpy.



Thanksgiving was originally celebrated in the autumn harvest season. The Plymouth and the Wampanoag colonists initially observed Thanksgiving in the 1600s. It is the first celebration in history for the harvest in autumn for the previous year. The tradition continued for nearly two centuries in separate colonies until the president of the United States, Abraham Lincon, declared it a national holiday in 1863 during the civil war.



Traditions Back Then:

The main essence of Thanksgiving is still the same to this date, but some traditions have been refashioned a little bit. In the 90's era, the sweet and savoury feast was a little bit different than what it is now. It meant more than just piled up food on the plate.

Let's discuss what it looked like back then;


      Retelling the Story:

Back then, it was a custom to retell the tale of our ancestors at Thanksgiving. Our elders would gather the entire family at the table and tell us how the grand celebration of the fall harvest took place. They would tell us about the fun facts back then; the turkey was not the only thing at the table. Our forefathers would dine on duck, venison, and fresh oysters.


      Organizing Centerpiece:

The whole family worked together to create a masterpiece to display on the Thanksgiving table. It was a fun activity to indulge in as a unit, sharing the values of unity among family. But, unfortunately, nowadays, table centrepieces are just limited to wedding receptions only.


      Fine Pottery and Dress Code:

It was a custom to get well-dressed for the occasion and eat in the best dinner set displayed at the table. 


      Old Fashioned Name Cards:

Placing a name card on the table used to bring a personal touch. Guests would feel cherished. 


      Playing Football:

While waiting for the turkey to be cooked, families would play football games for a friendly competition.


      Breaking The Wishbone:

Superstition, yes, but it was a favourite part for youngsters especially. Everyone would eagerly wait to break their wishbone (last bone of the turkey) as a part of good luck.


      Being Thankful:

Families back in that day would share their gratitude. They told each other how blessed and thankful they felt about their accomplishments of the previous year.


      Walk it off:

After a lavish meal, families would head out for a casual stroll around the neighbourhood. This aided in both digestion and socializing.


      Spending More Time Together:

Back then, spending quality time together as a community was appreciated more than spending the day at sales in the market.


Traditions Now:

As the world is evolving in every regard, traditions have also slightly shifted from before. Like, families and friends get together to share the meals and thoughts of their gratefulness. 

      Macy's Thanksgiving Parade:

People gather around in a huge number to watch the annual Macy's parade. It is conducted by Macy’s, which is one of the big department store chains in America. This parade is regarded as the second oldest tradition, which dates back to the date in 1924. If your child is going alone to attend the parade, we advise you to monitor his location with GEO-fencing technology in parental monitoring software TheWiSpy.




      Cracking The Wishbone:

After the turkey is carved, the Y-shape forked bone is set to dry. This bone is accustomed to being broken by two people, and the one holding the bigger portion is privileged to make a wish. It is a superstition that will bring good luck to the person.


      Traditional Meal:

No festival is complete without a fancy meal. Traditionally people feast upon turkey, bean casseroles, potatoes, gravies, cranberries sauce and pumpkin pies.


      Afternoon Nap:

After a big hustle bustle, you need to take a rest. So a short nap is taken in the afternoon after the delicious filling food. Turkey should not be blamed alone for the sudden drowsiness after a meal, as we take high sugar desserts and drinks along with it, which causes sleepiness and tiredness. While taking a nap, take a look at what your child was doing later on by checking the phone activity logs using the child monitoring app TheWiSpy.


      Sharing Gratitude:

People share their thankful moments from the previous year with each other after the meal. It keeps the person staying humble and positive for the upcoming year.


      American Football Game:

On every Thanksgiving day, football teams have played games since 1876. People either go outside to watch the games or stay at home to watch it on their television these days.



A new tradition that precedes Thanksgiving is Friendsgiving. People share their love and gratitude towards their friends before leaving to go home and celebrate with their families.


      Turkey Trot:

Local communities set up turkey trot runs, and participants walk or run in the fun calorie-burning races.



It is a great way to start your Christmas shopping with grand black Friday sales. Stores set up the biggest sales of the year on this occasion all across the country.



Many charitable organizations hold special Thanksgiving dines for poor people. This drive is carried out with the help of local communities. 


Parental Monitoring:


      Track Call History:

Record calls and check the call logs of your children after you get free from home chores.


      Spy Text Messages:

Being careful is better than being sorry. So go through your child's text messages, even deleted ones with the best parental control software TheWiSpy.


      GPS Location Tracking:

Parenting is a name of big responsibility. With all the fuss in the holiday season, you should get a hold of your child's every move easily with just a single tap on your mobile with TheWiSpy app.


      24/7 Instant Alerts:

TheWiSpy is an Android parental control app that gives you instant alerts if a sim is changed or location is changed. In addition, you can set any triggered word that may concern your child's safety. 



Effect Of Discount:



Original: $19.99/month

Discounted: $13.99/ month


Original: $29.99/month

Discounted: $20.99/ month


Original: $49.99/month

Discounted: $34.99/ month

Final Words:

You can gift TheWiSpy, the leading parental control app, to your spouse this holiday season to stay mindful of cyber activities.

TheWiSpy is a premium child monitoring app through which you can look after your child's safety, even when they are not around you.

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