What does a tree surgeon do?

As a parent, you may want your children to spend ample time outside, rather than sequestered away on computers, consoles, or watching television. However, for them to be able to make the most out of your garden, it may first need to be safe and habitable. Sometimes, more work may be required than you, or even a gardener, are able to undertake. There may be occasions where the skills and knowledge of a tree surgeon might be required.

View of trees from ground to sky:Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Removing trees

If there are significant problems with some of the trees in your garden, or they have died, you may want them out of the ground sooner, rather than later. This might especially be the case if your children have a penchant for tree climbing, as these trees could no longer be safe to bear weight. An Edinburgh tree surgeon may be able to figure out the best way to remove the tree, without causing too much damage to the surrounding area. 

For younger trees, or those recently planted, this may be easier, especially if the tree died before having a chance to really establish its roots. However, older, or larger trees could take more work. Your tree surgeon may come to inspect the tree, as well as look at the garden as a whole, to figure out the best way to carry out the job without creating unnecessary hazards.

Tree surgeon in tree:Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

Undertake regular pruning

As with smaller plants and bushes, trees can also benefit from regular pruning. Not only does this help to keep them more manageable and make them look nicer, but it could also be done for safety reasons. Due to the varied weather conditions, some of the branches or limbs of the tree may no longer be secure. This means that, should your children be playing outside at the time, there is a very real risk of injury, or even fatality, occurring if these branches break. A tree surgeon may be able to inspect the tree and cut back any damaged or worrisome branches.

Plant new trees

You might also want new trees planted within your garden. The cost of this can vary, depending on the type of tree, as well as how old it already is. Generally speaking, a younger tree or sapling may be less expensive than one that is already large and shaped. However, a tree surgeon can help you to avoid having hazardous trees in your garden. Some species, such as laburnum, can be incredibly toxic, so might not be something you want in close vicinity to your children. In this instance, the knowledge that comes from study and experience in the tree surgeon industry could prove to be rather invaluable.

Sorting your garden out can be the first part of giving your children somewhere to play, exercise, and get fresh air. When there are large jobs required, involving the trees in the space, you may want to think about the different tasks that a tree surgeon can undertake, as well as how these could benefit you.