Things to Be Thankful For Today #3

I woke at 4am. Panic attack! Managed to doze until about six fifteen when I heard my husband and daughter come home from their night shift at Tesco. I was almost glad to get up to cook them breakfast.

Jasper the cat

Since then I've taken my other son home from Tesco as his bus was cancelled, enjoyed the bitter sweet experience of one last McDonalds drive through (how many hash browns is too many?), got three children into their new classroom, AKA the conservatory and taught maths and english. I only lost my temper once.

I've chatted to my mum who is becoming increasingly isolated in Cyprus and got some of my own work done. Oh and done a load of washing as I am making my Tesco workers change out of their uniform and load it into the machine as soon as they get in since I learned the coronavirus can hang about on fabric for up to nine hours.

Later in my day is to try and sort the hot tub out, try to put off dinner as long as possible as everyone seems to want to eat hours earlier than normal and maybe at some point head into bathroom and hide for a little while.

Meanwhile, I have come up with more reasons to be thankful.

  1. The sun is shining. This means some people are ignoring BoJo's distancing rules but luckily we have a garden so we don't need to drive to a beauty spot and mingle. Everything feels better to me in the sunshine and hanging washing outside has always been one of my favourite household chores.Even if you don't have a garden open a window and let some of that lovely fresh air in.
  2. I have flowers. I received a lovely bunch from my son for Mother's Day and this morning my family members who work at Tesco came home with beautiful tulips for me - given to them as a "thank you" from their manager.
  3. We are all still healthy.  Every day I wake up with a normal temperature and no cough I'm beyond thankful. I have diabetes and am extremely anxious about the potential ramifications of catching the bug. The fact that most of my family have to go and work in Tesco-  we can't just hunker down at home- makes me even more anxious. So if you have a cough or know someone who has and are wondering whether to pop to the supermarket anyway, please don't. You have no idea who the workers there are going home to. 
  4. We have pets. The cats Jasper (pictured above) and Oscar are oblivious to our rapidly changing situation. They eat, sleep, purr and repeat. They have proved invaluable as sensory de-stressing devices while our pet ferret Woffles provides plenty of laughs with his antics. 
  5. The British sense of humour. As always the British public have stepped up to a crisis with humour, albeit occasionally quite dark humour. It's vital to maintain our sense of humour through all of this and I'm grateful to all the people loading the internet with memes, jokes and more. I particularly love the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost video parody of their own movie, Shaun of The Dead. Not seen it? Watch it here. Not seen Shaun of the Dead? Watch it now and come back and watch the short video afterwards.

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